Motivation Monday: Using a Medicine Ball

Incorporating new workouts into your routine is the best way to avoid the dreaded “plateau.” By introducing a medicine ball into your current workout, you can reach new levels of fitness! Here are 6 workouts you can do with a medicine ball:

  1. Lunge with Overhead PressWrite the alphabet: While standing, use the medicine ball to write the alphabet. This exercise will engage every ad muscle.
  2. Walking lunges: While doing your typical set of walking lunges, press the medicine ball over your head with each step you take. Transform this lower-body workout into a whole-body workout!
  3. Do circles: While standing, hold the medicine ball above your head and make the biggest circles you can. So long, love handles!
  4. 1111-russian-twist-450x375-soloWall sits: Assume the normal wall sit position with the medicine ball in front of you. To target every muscle, tap the medicine ball from one side of the wall to the other.
  5. Stability push ups: Take our normal push up to the next level by putting both hands on your medicine ball instead of the ground.
  6. The Russian Twist: White seated, pick up your feet and tap your medicine ball from side to side.


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