De-Stressing for Brides During the Holidays

Holiday StressThis “Motivation Monday” post is all about reducing your stress during the weeks surrounding the holidays. As an engaged woman, you no longer have to deal with the pressing question of “So when are you getting engaged?” but more likely than not, your family will be asking endless questions about your nuptials during their gatherings. Here are some tips to help you distress and enjoy this holiday season:

  1. Woman writing Christmas list at laptopArm yourself with Thankfulness: The holiday madness is upon us, no question, but take some time to journal about what you are thankful for this year. Writing this list down is key so that when the hustle and bustle start to overwhelm you, you can recall the list and find immediate joy in thanksgiving.
  2. Go Outside: Studies have shown that in the dreary winter months, spending time in nature helps to calm you. If you can’t step outside, open your blinds and take a look outside.
  3. Organize Something (ANYTHING!): When you feel those questions of wedding planning start to press on you, it’s easy to feel out of control even fr the most Type A bride. To feel as though you have regained some control in your life, organize, and not just something for your wedding but anything. Plan a menu, clean out a drawer, or even wrap a present.
  4. Create a De-Stress Playlist: This one requires some planning ahead, but choose all the songs that give you that warm fuzzy feeling. Whenever stress is tempting you, just listen!
  5.  Take Time for You: Whether your idea of “you time” is exercising, getting a massage, or shopping with friends, make sure you make time to do what you enjoy during the holidays. It’s easy to become a slave to other’s calendars and expectations, so take some time for yourself.

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