How to Avoid Having Guest Photographers


For many, it’s the day they have been waiting for their whole life. The dress is beautiful and the flowers are prefect. Now, it’s time for the beautiful shot of you walking down the aisle to meet your groom…then your Aunt Janice steps in the aisle and takes the picture instead.

In a world driven by social media and posting pictures, it may seem rude to tell your guests to put away their phones during the ceremony; however, chances are you paid for a photographer to take the perfect pictures. There are no do-overs during the ceremony, and often photos (like walking down the aisle with your father) are ruined by guests stepping in front of the professional photographer or flashes that white out the picture.

To avoid these photo blunders and bombs, many brides and grooms are opting for an ‘unplugged wedding.’ Check out pinterest! There are so many cute sign ideas politely asking your guests to keep their phones put away. By having your family and friends keeping their phones and cameras out of the picture (no pun intended) during the wedding, the photographer you hired is able to get beautiful shots, and your guests are able to focus on the ceremony instead of their phones.

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