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2011 VOW Wedding Planner

2011 VOW

Beauty, Skin, & Make-up

Contour Your Body, Reshape Your Life
Avoid Wedding Woes: At Home Facial
Avoid Wedding Woes: At Home Nail Care
Avoid Wedding Woes: Back Breakouts
Avoid Wedding Woes: Beauty Kit
Avoid Wedding Woes: Fake Nails
Avoid Wedding Woes: Fresh Complexion ALL Day
Avoid Wedding Woes: Glasses
Avoid Wedding Woes: Manicure & Pedicure
Avoid Wedding Woes: Professional Facials
Avoid Wedding Woes: Puffy Eyes
Avoid Wedding Woes: Scent-suality
Avoid Wedding Woes: Sexy Legs
Avoid Wedding Woes: Skin Tones
Avoid Wedding Woes: Skin-so-Soft
Avoid Wedding Woes: Stunning Eyes and Lashes
Avoid Wedding Woes: Zit-Be-Gone
Eyebrows: The Good, the Bad and the Bride's
Manicured Nails
Skin Care Choices
The Icing on the Cake... Your Hair & Makeup!

Budgeting For Your Wedding

Avoid Wedding Woes: Budget Basics
Budgeting Worksheets
Vendor Payments & Contact Information Worksheet
Wedding Mistake: Leaving a Non-Refundable Deposit
Who Pays for What?

Catering, Cakes & Beverages

Avoid Wedding Woes: Satisfactory Food
Choosing Your Wedding Wine
Equipment & Supplies for Do It Yourself Catering
Food & Drink Don't Have to End with Dinner
From Food to Fanfare, a Good Caterer Can Help
Happy Endings - Your Wedding Cake
Money Saving Tip: Buy Your Own Alcohol
To Mint or Not to Mint!
Wedding Cake Trends & Sweet Selections
Wedding Mint Recipes


Avoid Wedding Woes: Specific Details
Ceremony Rehearsal Made Easy
Unique Wedding Ceremony Site Ideas
Words Of Love - Choosing Your Reading

Changing Your Name

From Miss to Mrs....
Legally Changing Your Last Name

Customs & Traditions

Alternatives to Rice: Try Butterflies
Customs and Traditions of Jewish Weddings
Kids can be Cute...but Should They be in Your Wedding?
Something Old, Something New...
Symbols Used in the Wedding Ceremony
The Tale of Tossing the Garter and Other Customs...
Whos Pay for Your Wedding?


Your First Wedding Dance

DJ's & Bands

FEATURE: Great Prices may not mean Great Service
Avoid Wedding Woes: Keyboardists
Have iPods Made DJs Obsolete?
How to Hire a DJ for your Wedding

Etiquette & Weddings

Thank You Card Guidelines for all Gifts


Avoid Wedding Woes: Flower Budget
Avoid Wedding Woes: Forever Flowers
Flower Meanings
Flower Preservation
How Do You Know Which Bouquet Is Right For You
Memorial Flowers For Those Who Have Passed
Picking The Right Flowers For The Season Of Your Wedding!

Fun Wedding Facts

Fun Wedding Fact Sheet: Misc., Entertainment, Wedding Rings, Honeymoons & More!


Avoid Wedding Woes: Home Furnishing
Avoid Wedding Woes: Mattress Tips
Avoid Wedding Woes: Purchasing Furniture

Gifts & Gift Registries

A Lasting Way to Personalize Your Special Day!
Avoid Wedding Woes: Appropriate for Invitations?
Cookware and Linens
Setting up your Registry
What to Know When Registering for Gifts

Hair Care & Styles

Avoid Wedding Woes: Curls Galore!
Avoid Wedding Woes: Damage Control
Avoid Wedding Woes: Frizzies
Avoid Wedding Woes: Obtaining Shining Hair
Avoid Wedding Woes: Shampoos and Conditioners
Avoid Wedding Woes: Styling your Hair
Avoid Wedding Woes: Temporary Color
Avoid Wedding Woes: Trimming Your Hair
Up Do's & Dont's
Wedding Hair Tips- Make Your Day Beautiful!

Health & Your Body

Three Reasons Why You Should Get LASIK

Home Ownership & Mortgages

Renters Have Much to Gain by Pursuing Home Ownership
Home Buyers Face Decisions that Affect Long-Term Financial Picture
Home Ownership: Armed with the Right Information, It's a Enjoyable Adventure!
Make Your Move... Opening the Door to Your First Home

Home, Finance & Auto

24 Steps to Improve Your Credit
Marriage = Insurance Needs
Things to Consider when Purchasing a Vechicle

Honeymoon & Travel

Bed and Breakfast Myths Put to Bed
10 Tips for a Memorable Honeymoon
A Destination Wedding... Down Home!
Destination Weddings
Destination Weddings... Advice At A Glance!
Fun Facts for Honeymoon & Travel
Honeymoon & Travel Fun Facts
Honeymoon Mistakes!
Planning Your Honeymoon
Traveling Tips

Invitations & Stationery

Avoid Wedding Woes: Guest Lists
Avoid Wedding Woes: Invitations
Avoid Wedding Woes: RSVP cards
Branding Your Wedding
It's All In The Details!
Tips on Thank You Cards
Wedding Invitation Trends
What you Should Know Before you Order your Invitations
When to Order and When to Send your Invitations

Jewelry, Wedding Bands & Engagements Rings

Do You Know Your Jeweler?
Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry
Finding the Perfect Ring!
How to Select the Perfect Jewelry for Your Wedding
Metal Talk: The Most Practical (and Overlooked) Side of Ring Shopping
New Technology for Engraving Your Wedding Bands
One-of-a-Kind Jewelry

Legal Advice

Avoid Wedding Woes: Insuring Your Wedding
South Dakota Marriage Requirements
The Marriage Test: Realities of the Unwritten Contract

Limousines & Transportation

Avoid Wedding Woes: Getting Around
Factors to Consider When Choosing Wedding Transportation
Questions to Ask when Hiring Wedding Transportation
Tips for Renting Limos
Types of Wedding Day Transportation

Love & Romance

Create a personal LOVE calendar!

Marriage Preparation

Develop a Stronger Relationship!
Making a Marriage Doesn't Have Feel Like a Chore
Marriage License Cities and Locations


Avoid Wedding Woes: Guest Accommodations
Avoid Wedding Woes: Newspaper Announcement
GREEN Your Wedding!
Guest Accommodations
Hi-Tech Bride


Ceremony Music 411
Express Your Music Style Throughout Your Wedding!
Father & Daughter Selections
First Dance Selections
Mother & Son Selections
Music that Serenades the Soul

Parties & Your Wedding

Bachelor Party
Bachelorette Party
Bridal Shower
Bridal Shower Favors
Bridal Showers... Coed or Not?
Bridesmaid Luncheon
Engagement Party
Rehearsal Dinner

Photography & Videography

Avoid Wedding Woes: Videographers
Choosing a Wedding Videographer
Different Styles of Photography
Go Green ~ Videocameras
Lights!... Camera!.... Your Wedding!
Photo Shot Checklist
Photographer & Videographer... Advice At A Glance!
Photos Your Photographer WON'T Take at your Wedding...Unless you ask!
Pictures with Individuals
Tips For Producing a Unique Wedding Video
Trends in Videography
Two Important Questions for Your Photographer

Planning: Wedding Worksheets

Wedding Emergency Kit- No Bride Should Be Without!
Beauty & Health Planning Worksheet
Bridal Attire Planning Worksheet
Catering Planning Worksheet
Ceremony Flowers & Decor Planning Worksheet
Consultant & Wedding Planners Worksheet
Delegating Reception Duties Planning Worksheet
Delgating Ceremony Duties Planning Worksheet
Equipment & Party Rentals Planning Worksheet
Knowing your Role Planning Worksheet
Men's Attire Planning Worksheet
Photography Planning Worksheet
Reception Flowers & Decor Planning Worksheet
Reception Planning Worksheet
Rehearsal Dinner Planning Worksheet
Transportation Planning Worksheet
Videography Planning Worksheet


Unique Wedding Reception Locations, Right in Sioux Falls!
10 Tips for Creating a Great Slide Show or Video Montage
Alternative Table Centerpieces
Avoid Wedding Woes: Camera Party Favors
Avoid Wedding Woes: Choosing the Reception Site
Avoid Wedding Woes: Gift Table
Do It Yourself Beverage Bar
Personalize Your Wedding
Reception Trends
The {Dreaded} First Dance
Wedding Favors

Rehearsal Dinners

The Rehearsal Dinner Tradition

The Wedding Party

Avoid Wedding Woes: Attendant duties
Avoid Wedding Woes: Bridesmaids Dresses
What?...I have to Give a Speech!

Time Line

Bridal Time Line- From the Moment you become Engaged
Bridal Time Line- The Final Stretch!

Tuxedos/Men's Attire

Avoid Wedding Woes: Try it On!
Finding the Perfect Suit
Tuxedo Tips ~ Making the Rental Process Smooth

Wedding Gown, Fashions, & Accessories

Accessories Galore!
Avoid Wedding Woes: Accessories Organization
Avoid Wedding Woes: Bridal Shops
Avoid Wedding Woes: Cleaning Your Dress
Avoid Wedding Woes: Dress Fitting
Avoid Wedding Woes: Getting Dressed
Avoid Wedding Woes: Gloves
Avoid Wedding Woes: Headpiece Placement
Avoid Wedding Woes: Preparing your Gown
Avoid Wedding Woes: Shoes
Avoid Wedding Woes: Shopping for your Gown
Avoid Wedding Woes: Staying Warm
Avoid Wedding Woes: Storing your Gown
Avoid Wedding Woes: The Mothers Attire
Avoid Wedding Woes: Undergarments
Choosing and Caring for Your Beautiful Gown
Choosing Your Headpiece & Veil
Choosing Your Wedding Dress!
Dyeable Bridal Shoes
Going Green? Or just on a Budget?
Trash My Gown???

Wedding Planning, Bridal Shows

Bridal Shows - How to Keep Sane and Enjoy the Experience
How to Get the Most From a Bridal Show
The Easiet Way to Plan Your Wedding
Wedding Coordinators
Why Attend A Bridal Showcase?

Wedding Rentals

Why Buy When You Can Rent?

Weightloss & Your Body

LA Weight Loss Plan- Tip #1: Pre-Wedding Diet
Avoid Wedding Woes: Equal Size
Avoid Wedding Woes: Fuller on Top
Avoid Wedding Woes: Heavier Bottom
Avoid Wedding Woes: Plus-Size
Avoid Wedding Woes: Small Waist
Avoid Wedding Woes: Stress Reducer
Bridal Boot Camp
Contour Your Body, Reshape Your Life!
LA Weight Loss Plan- Tip #2: Healthy Snacking
LA Weight Loss Plan- Tip #3: Use you Gift Registry to stay healthy!
LA Weight Loss Plan- Tip #4: Lose it Together!
Wedding Weight Loss & Top 5 Diet Plans

You and Your Groom

10 suggestions to help your groom make the "getting involved with the planning plunge"