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Trash My Gown???

This new phenomenon involves one last photo shoot in your wedding gown after your big day. But instead of posing for proper photos brides dress up to swim in their gowns, splash in mud, roll on the beach, blast them with paint balls, and even burn them. Advocates say that not only can it add an artistic element to your wedding album, but is potentially very therapeutic and can finally free you from pent up stress left over from planning your wedding. 

Because most mothers don’t quite understand that today’s bride does not feel retiring her wedding gown to the closet or attic for eternity is a fitting tribute, many brides are opting not to share the details until after the fact. Instead these brides breathe new life into their gowns freeing their spirits and creating art in the process and asking for forgiveness later. The philosophy follows the adage, "Ask for forgiveness rather than permission." 

A very controversial issue, trashing the gown also has its adversaries. While most understand the creative concept behind the act, the utter annihilation of the gowns has many dismayed and angry. Instead of treating the gown with such utter disregard they feel brides have other options. Why not donate the gowns to Brides Against Breast Cancer? This foundation resurrects gowns with all proceeds going to grant wishes for those losing their battle with cancer. (

Those not in favor of the total destruction of gowns have suggested that not only is the act selfish but the gowns ultimately end up in the landfills. Green friendly brides could potentially use care and still capture those creative images without destroying the gown, allowing it to be cleaned and still passed along to another bride. Brides must weigh the options and decide whether trashing their gown is the right move for them. Resource

This article was also featured in the 2009 VOW Wedding Planner. To view a PDF of this article, go to the BRIDAL FASHIONS section of VOW.