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Express Your Music Style Throughout Your Wedding!

It's doubtful you’ll please everyone with the music selections at your reception, but the good news is that some surefire suggestions will get (and keep) the party going.  You may have to make a few concessions, but it’s worth it if you want your reception to be a night to remember. It’s essential to have a wide variety of music featured, so a good way to achieve this is by mixing it up. Request that your band or DJ include some of your favorite tunes and intertwine them with different genres for a crowd-pleasing surprise.

If your wedding is a very formal affair, consider a string quartet, jazz band, or instrumental music for the dinner hour. For dancing, keep it classy by introducing tracks from the 60’s or go completely instrumental and dance to the sounds of duo guitars or a classical ensemble. Let your guests show off their skills by introducing ballroom dancing: waltz, tango, foxtrot and even the cha cha! Guests will be on the floor all evening!

For a less formal event, think smooth and sophisticated sounds. A jazz, classical ensemble or swing band make for a light and airy ambiance. The snappy melodies and rigorous drumbeats are sure to keep your guests jumpin’ and jivin’! After dinner, spin a few Motown hits and finish off with soul icons of the 70’s.

For a fun and upbeat soiree, think about having a rock or pop cover band. 80’s music is usually a big hit and it’s easy to find bands that solely play that genre of music. If that doesn’t toot your horn, go the completely different direction and hire a Latin or salsa band. This will surely fire up your fiesta!

To completely personalize your reception and create a unique and unforgettable experience for your guests, consider hiring a steel drum band or an Irish bagpiper to play while your guests are entering or exiting your ceremony.A reggae band or barber shop quartet are other one-of-a-kind suggestions to feature during your cocktail or dinner hour.

And if you have invited children to the wedding dance, don’t forget them! Incorporate such favorites as Hokey Pokey and Chicken Dance.  These are best played early in the evening before the kids retire. Besides grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles and everyone can enjoy these fun classics.

All that truly matters is that you express your personality throughout your wedding. If this means country music throughout the entire reception, so be it! Have fun with your planning and your guests will be grooving all night.

- for David Jones, Music For All Occasions, Sioux Falls, SD

This article was also featured in the 2009 VOW Wedding Planner. To view a PDF of this article, go to the MUSIC section of VOW.