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Different Styles of Photography

When it comes to choosing a style of photography, it ultimately depends on the couple’s preferences.  The best way to go about choosing a photographer is to look at as many photos as you can and choose your favorites. The two most popular styles of photography are traditional and photojournalistic. Another style is the avant garde style. None of these approaches is better than the other; it is just a matter of personal opinion. Each of these styles is summarized below to help you become more familiar with your different options.

Traditional Wedding Photography
This style of photography is portrait based and is made up of a mix of portraits, family, group, and posed shots with the bride and groom. The shots are heavily choreographed with lots of control and involvement by the photographer. The traditional style puts a focus on body alignment, lighting equipment, proper backgrounds, the dress, print quality, and making the bride and others look their very best in every photo. Advantages include predictability, repeatable results, pre-planned, easy to execute and simplicity. Disadvantages include time-consuming, some uncomfortable posing, sometimes looks somewhat fake, strain on event schedule when it comes to timing.

This is right for you if...
• You want your photographer to be like the director of you wedding
• You want to know when you are getting your picture taken
• You want to pose with all of your family and guests
• You want to spend a lot of time posing every shot
• You think candid shots such as a photo of shoes, food, or other items are unnecessary

This style of photography is a contemporary, documentary style that is compared to telling a story with photos.  Photojournalism focuses more on candid shots and capturing priceless moments of your day as these moments really happened. Photojournalists do not direct the event, but record it as it happens without interfering. Advantages include natural looking, low stress, real memories of real moments, happens around your event schedule. Disadvantages include unpredictability, may not look your best in every photo, do not know every photo that will be taken beforehand.

This is right for you if...
• You want lots of candid in the moment shots of you and your guests
• You don’t want to spend very much time on family and group portraits
• You don’t want a lot of photography equipment
Avant Garde
This type of photography stresses a unique artistic style and breaks the rules of typical bridal portraiture.    Often these photos feature wide or unexpected angles, a tilted horizon, an unexpected environment, or an unusual effect. Avant Garde demands the utmost level of creativity and is often compared to fine art.  This style is not for everybody; however, people either really love it or hate it.

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This article was also featured in the 2009 VOW Wedding Planner. To view a PDF of this article, go to the PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY section of VOW.