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Have iPods Made DJs Obsolete?

iPods have made it easy for anyone to take a diverse library of thousands of songs and carry them iPod Wedding DJanywhere. People are already hooking their iPods up to stereos to provide their own music for their parties. Some wedding magazines and web sites even suggest this as a way to hold down the cost of a wedding.

Underlying this movement are two assumptions:   
· Anyone can throw together a play list of their favorite/chosen songs, press play, and voila-instant party.
· DJs won't play the music the bride, groom, or party host has chosen.

If only it were really that simple!
Experienced Professional DJs do a lot more than just push play on a predetermined playlist.

As experienced public speakers we use our vocal talents to introduce VIPs (e.g. the wedding party), grab the audience's attention for special events (e.g. cake cutting), motivate guests to dance and/or participate in other pre-planned activities, announce the arrival of dinner, and so on.

As experienced planners/directors, we work with party hosts to create a timeline and natural flow for an event. We tailor events to the personalities of the hosts and guests. We work with other event staff to keep the event flowing, and adjust the plan when needed.

As experienced music programmers, we choose music to start a party, take client and guest requests, and adjust the music selections based on the audience's reaction. We sequence music to build energy, and to create a mood. We light up people's faces when they hear that favorite song from years ago. We play what our clients ask us to play, but also offer suggestions from our professional experience when we think a particular song is inappropriate or won't work well.

As experienced sound technicians, we setup and adjust equipment to create the best possible sound in the event's room/location. When Murphy's law kicks in we quickly diagnose and correct problems, and have backup equipment immediately available in case it's needed.

As experienced diplomats, we gracefully handle the occasional intoxicated guest who doesn't agree with the host's music choices.

iPods can't perform any of these functions! So I'm sure you'll agree that experienced professional DJs are still very useful and relevant, and will not become obsolete any time soon.

Steve Rothkin- Professional DJ

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