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Bridal gowns, Wedding Dresses, Discount Bridal Gowns available to order in a combination of fabrics and colors under $300.

  • Bridal gowns, <a href="http://www.jaksflowergirldresses.com/wedding_gown_index.htm" title="wedding gowns">Wedding Dresses</a>, Discount Bridal Gowns available to order in a combination of fabrics and colors under $300.
  • Build a tux with satin colored Vest &amp; Tie, and choice of Jacket.&nbsp;&nbsp; This <a href="http://www.jaksflowergirldresses.com/Tuxedo_colored_vest.htm" target="_blank" title="boy tux vest">5 piece tuxedo set</a> will be perfect in your wedding, or holiday plans.&nbsp; <a href="http://www.jaksflowergirldresses.com/Boys_Tuxedo_Shoes.htm" title="Boys leather tuxedo shoes" class="smalltitle">Boy leather tuxedos shoes</a> are available for $19.99.&nbsp; We also carry <a href="http://www.jaksflowergirldresses.com/tuxedo_Kevin_brown_suit.htm" target="_blank" title="brown tuxedo">Brown tuxedo</a>, <a href="http://www.jaksflowergirldresses.com/tuxedo_shirt_size_0_to_size_16.htm" target="_blank" title="Tuxedo shirt">Colored tux shirt</a>, <a href="http://www.jaksflowergirldresses.com/Bond_Tuxedo.htm" target="_blank" title="Husky ">Husky tuxs</a>&nbsp;and <a href="http://www.jaksflowergirldresses.com/vests_and_tie_sets.htm" target="_blank" title="Vests and ties">colored vest and tie sets</a>&nbsp;.
  • Miniature wedding dress styles to match your bridal gown.&nbsp; Call us today to create your style.&nbsp; <a href="www.jaksflowergirldresses.com/fall_wedding_gowns.htm" target="_blank" title="Fall wedding gowns">Matching Bride and flower girl dresses</a>.&nbsp;
  • <a href="http://jaksflowergirldresses.com/milano.htm" title="Milano dresses">Quick ship bridesmaid dresses</a>.&nbsp; Cheap but classy bridesmaid or mother of the bride dresses.&nbsp; Ready made dresses.&nbsp; Many styles under $120.&nbsp; Available for 5 day USA shipping.
  • 390&nbsp;miniature wedding gowns available.&nbsp; Choose the style for you, or send us a picture and we will make custom changes from your ideas. <a href="http://www.jaksflowergirldresses.com/mb9018.htm" title="miniature wedding dresses">Check out this style</a>.
  • Offer your bridesmaid and <a href="http://www.jaksflowergirldresses.com/juniors.htm" title="junior dresses">junior bridesmaid</a> different style dresses in the same fabric and color and let each bridesmaid chose the style they look best in. Coordinate your flower girls in a complimentary dress in your color preference.&nbsp; Matching dresses <a href="http://www.jaksflowergirldresses.com/2009-color-chart.htm" title="colors">color chart</a> .Custom&nbsp; colors:&nbsp; Apple Red, Black, Champagne, Chocolate, Coral, Dusty Rose, Forest Green, Fuchsia, Gold, Light Blue, Light Gray, Light Ivory, Light Peach, Mauve, Merlot, Mocha, Navy, Pool Blue, Pool Blue, Plum, Royal Blue, Sage, Soft Gray, Soft Yellow, Teal, Turquoise, Victorian Lilac and Wheat.&nbsp; We have over 200 colors available.
  • We carry <a href="http://jaksflowergirldresses.com/perfect_angels_collection.htm" title="perfect angel pageant dresses">perfect angels</a> pageant gowns
  • We have dressed Local, National and international Pageant winners.&nbsp;We are ready to dress your little girl in a beautiful <a href="http://jaksflowergirldresses.com/child_beauty_pageant_dresses_10.htm" title="pageant winners">pageant dress</a>.
  • This is our <a href="http://jaksflowergirldresses.com/bridesmaid_dress_B2.htm" title="popular bridesmaid dress style">most popular bridesmaid gown</a>.&nbsp; Many will Mix and match <a href="http://www.jaksflowergirldresses.com/bridesmaid_dresses.htm" title="Mix and match bridesmaid dress styles">bridal party dresses</a> allowing you to choose the right style for each of your attendants, and blend them in your color choices.&nbsp; Dresses include halter, tiered, short or long, corset lace up back, pickup styles, shealth and flower girl styles.Shop by price <a href="http://www.jaksflowergirldresses.com/Bridesmaid_dresses_120.htm" title="bridesmaid dresses $120">$120</a>, <a href="http://www.jaksflowergirldresses.com/Bridesmaid_dresses_130.htm" title="bridesmaid dresses $130">$130</a>, <a href="http://www.jaksflowergirldresses.com/bridesmaid_dressses_140%20_to%20150.htm" title="bridesmaid dresses $150">$150</a>.
  • Fashion&nbsp;your infant and toddler&nbsp;flower girl dress to match your wedding gown.&nbsp; We have over&nbsp;60 styles to choose from or send us a picture of your gown.&nbsp; All of these gowns are fashioned from other bridal gowns.&nbsp; <a href="http://jaksflowergirldresses.com/infant_and_toddler_wedding_dresses.htm" title="flower girl dress to match the brides">Miniature bridal gowns</a>&nbsp;can be made with sequins, beading, embroidery, crystals, feathers and more.&nbsp; Chose a gown that matchs your style, ad we can adjust (if needed) for age appropriate details.&nbsp; Google us and see&nbsp;how popular our bridal replica gowns are.
  • We have&nbsp;50 <a href="http://jaksflowergirldresses.com/little_brides_fishtail_mermaid_dresses.htm">mermaid style flower girl dresses</a> to show you style, fabric, and designs.&nbsp; Take what you like from each style and let us make a style to fit your taste.

Jaks Flower Girl Dresses

111 South Main Street
Viborg, South Dakota 57070

How to find us:

Located on Main Street 3 doors South of the Post Office.

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Alicia Knutson

phone: 605.766.5257
fax: 605.766.5257

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You found the love of your life and now it's time to make your wedding day spectacular.  In order to tailor your wedding with the economic downturn we suggest that you Shop Around, compare prices.  Today's brides are doing a lot of comparison shopping, going to bridal boutiques in search of the best deal.  Brides go to try on their dream wedding dress, and then buy online from our designer inspired gowns at a huge discount. 

Please use our online directory to take you directly to the dress styles of your choice.

We have become one of the largest companies to produce Miniature wedding gowns, flower girl dresses that replicate the brides own gown in cut color and details.  We have 390 styles to choose from and we are adding more each day.  Bring us your photos to duplicate.

Our Designer inspired styles let you change colors, fabric, and designs to Create special occasion flower girl dresses that enable them to feel just that - special.   Mix and match styles for your bridal party, and help Mom find a dress to compliment your wedding theme and colors.

High Quality Dresses priced way below suggested retail.   Why pay inflated retail prices, when you can shop at Jaks.

Visit our Website, where flower girl dress detail embellishments come to life showing you close up views of the beading, embroidery, and lace detail and color choices.  Or stop by our shop and take a look for yourself.  Bring the flower girl and ring bearer along, and have them try on your fashion choices.


  • Monday - Saturday  9:00am - 4:00pm
  • Sunday closed


  • 605-766-5257