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Whitney & John June 14, 2008

Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Our Story

John was my brother's best friend. Everytime he was over at our house, John and I used to pick on each other. We were like brother and sister. Soon our close frienship led to love... We did't date right away because we didn't know how my brother would feel about it. Later we decided to just date and Tyler would get over it. Turns out he is fine with it and now Tyler and John can actually be the brothers they always considered each other to be.

Guest Accommodations

Crossroads discounted $68 a night

Where We're Registered

Our Vendors

Megan Linn
Logan Pickett
Kirk Diekhoff
Hilary Rossow & Julie Stickler
Helzbergs & Kay Jewelers
Kim Van Asperen
Davids Bridal
Davids Bridal
Davids Bridal
Clothing Company
Kay Jewelers

About Us

Whitney was born on December 09, 1988 and John was born November 11, 1986. We met on October 09, 1999 and were engaged on September 21, 2007.



Wells Fargo Bank Teller *Student Nurse*