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Tawnya & Kyle July 25, 2009

Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Our Story

We met our sophmore year in college at SDSU. We were both dating other people and became good friends for almost two years. Kyle has a Harley and convinced me that I wanted a ride; I was scared out of my mind. I ended up loving it and took many other rides with kyle in the next year. The month before I left for Africa and Europe for the summer we started to hang out more tham usual; I thought nothing of it. Then kyle decided he wanted to be more than just friends. He told me that he would be waiting for me when I got home and he was. It took a few weeks for me to agree to dating kyle but he finally got me; it has been great ever since. On April 30, 08 he took me into Sioux Falls on the Harley and asked me to marry him on the top of the tower at Falls Park. It was a perfect proposal!


Although Kyle did not get down on one knee, I could not have asked for anything more perfect. We spent the day doing something we love, riding. Falls Park was the perfect place to ask me and it was not even busy the day we went. I did look like crap because the wind was going a billion miles an hour, but that did not stop him. We spent the rest of the day at the zoo, getting my ring sized, and eating at Johnny Carinos. The ring by the way is beautiful! And he did it all by his lonesome.

Our Interests and Goals

Riding Harley, Riding Bike, Playing Cards, Hanging out with Family and Friends

Traveling, Graduating, Getting Jobs, Buying a House, Having Children.

Reception Details

Since the reception is on a dry campus, we cannot sell alcohol. However, we can give it away. This is going to get very spendy but since we have your interests at heart we will keep it flowing. Any contributions that night are GREATLY appreciated, and will help us be able to serve more to you.

Guest Accommodations

The Best Western is located right accross E. College Dr. it is a great place to stay because it is within walking distance.
The Comfort is located right beside the College and is also very good because you will be able to walk there.
There is an Americ inn that is located along 23 also, but you will have to find a ride after the reception is over; Marshall is not a good place to try drinking and driving.
There are also others, but they are very far away from campus.

Our Vendors

grandmother of the bride, Putts Boerboom
the culiniology department at the college.
Cori Bortnum
We are doing a great job

About Us

Tawnya was born on May 31, 1986 and Kyle was born January 23, 1986.



Occupational Therapy Graduate Student


Pharmacy Student

Our Ceremony


Ghent, Minnesota @ 2:00 pm hopefully


From Brookings take the interstate north to the white exit and follow that road all the way into Minnesota. there will be a sign that says "Ghent" and you will take a left and end up there. From Sioux Falls take I90 to the exit and follow 23 till you get to the Lynd exit. You will go through town, around a curve, and into Ghent. From Doland take 212 to Watertown and go south on I29 till the Clear Lake exit. You will follow that road all the way into Minnesota and straight into Ghent.


Light yellow and white

Our Reception


Southwest Minnesota State University @ 5:30 or 6:00


From Ghent take Hwy 68 east all the way to Marshall. From there you can either go all the way down Hwy 23 and take a left. It is in front of Starbucks, Runnings, and Walmart; if you hit those you have gone to far. Once you take a left, you will almost run into the college. You will have to go through one more stoplight; this is crossing E. College Dr. On your way by, you will pass the Americ Inn, Best Western, and see the Comfort inn.


Not sure yet