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Sheena & Andrew June 05, 2010

Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Our Story

We first met in high school, I was in a depression from a previous relationship. We started to hang out in our group of friends. One day in class he suggested that a bunch of us should all go to the movies. He said that when he got home from school he would call up some friends and invite them. When he came to pick me up there was no one in the car, just us. Through out the whole movie he tried to hold me hand. He was trying to be sneaky about it, waiting for me to put my hand down so he could put his hand on mine. When he dropped me off he walked me to the door and tried to give me a kiss good nite. He only recieved a hug. One week later, Nov. 17, 2003, he asked, "Will you put up with me, forever how long?" He brought me out of my funk and we have been in love since. AJ is my hero.

Our Interests and Goals

We both love the color blue. Our favorite football team is Dallas Cowboys. We love 4-wheeling and kicking up some mud. Goals-to gratuate from college in the next year. Find a job. Get married with no major road bumps. Then buy a house and then the last major step, kids.

Ceremony Details

AJ's brother will be shipped over, I need an extra tux, dress, and an on-call bridesmaid.
Marie is on-call bridesmaid.

Reception Details

Decorating will take place on Friday nite. As of right now, the rehearsal dinner will be held at the in-law's house. Hamburgers and hotdogs for the rehearsal.

Guest Accommodations

AmericInn is the best in cleaniness. East of town on Hwy 34, next to the (Classic Corner) gas station.

Our Honeymoon

We are thinking about Dallas, Texas. We just recently went down there and loved it there. If not there, maybe a Sandal's Resort. Lenght of stay would maybe be 5 to 7 days.

Our Vendors

Davidson Photography
Complete Music
Sunshine or Sample Flowers
Dad's Truck
Me and the family
Bridal Shoppe, Watertown
Jak's Flower Girls Dresses, Viborg
Tux or Stan's?
Davidson Photography
Keller Rent All

About Us

Sheena was born on February 01, 1985 and Andrew was born October 22, 1985. We met on August 23, 2002 and were engaged on December 23, 2008.





Campbell's Supply

Our Ceremony


First Lutheran Church @ 5pm??


405 E. 3rd St. Colton, SD


Cobolt and Boston Fern

Our Reception


Taopi Hall @ 6:30pm


Colton, SD




Complete Music