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Ashley & Travis May 29, 2010

Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Our Story

Travis & I met through a good friend of mine who was at the time Megan Siewell. We never talked to each other, we were just aware of each other. Megan was dating Travis's brother and always told us that we were going to get married (I told her, "why would I even date him?! He hasn't even said two words to me the whole time I've known him!) Time went by and Megan became an "Ahlers." She started having dinners that conveniently included her, Ryan and Travis and I. I became very interested in him & tricked him into asking me into a 1st date on March 7, 2008 started dating March 16, 2008 and we've been inseperable ever since. Travis proposed to me on February 14, 2009 Valentines Day this year. It was the happiest day of our lives (until the actual wedding of course!) The proposal was perfect!

Our Interests and Goals

We plan on looking for a home soon and getting a boxer and a pitbull puppy when the time comes to join Cim-the Min Pin!! Other than that, we'll just be busy enjoying and loving each other, planning for the wedding and working!

Our Vendors

David's Bridal

About Us

Ashley was born on September 28, 1988 and Travis was born June 25, 1979.



Office Manager Wendell Chiropractic


Heinemann Restoration

Our Ceremony


First Christian Church, Sioux Falls, SD

Our Reception


Taopi Hall in Colton, SD