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Tiffany & Ray July 31, 2010

Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Our Story

He had just started working with my dad when we met. He stated to my dad that he was interested. My dad told me he was interested and that Ray was a two years younger than him. At first i had no interest in him because of the 16 year age difference. He was very nice to talk to so I started to stop by to see dad more offend so I had an excuse to see Ray. Both dad and Ray kept trying to tell me that age didnt matter it was just a number, but it took me a while to even think about seeing him. their boss had a fourth of July party for all the employees and their families Dad and Ray wanted me to come. I had to work that morning and got like 4 phone calls from my sister because Ray wanted to know when I was coming. We were given last minute tickets to a concert that night and r still together

Our Interests and Goals

watching movies,


About Us

Tiffany was born on June 05, 1982 and Ray was born April 03, 1966. We met on May 26, 2004 and were engaged on December 25, 2008.



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