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Every bride has her very own ideas of how to make her wedding unique and special.  With a solid plan and a map of what needs to be done, your wedding planning can be fun and exciting, instead of overwhelming and scary.  The GonnaGetWed Planner was developed as a guide to help local brides develop a basic map to get from their moment of engagement to their walk down the aisle. You can get a sneak peek by clicking here.

Inside you’ll find timelines, budget planners, helpful articles and ideas galore as well as advertising from local vendors that are committed to making your wedding dreams come true.  You can pick one up at any of the vendors listed at the bottom of the Gonna Get Wed Planner page

Always remember, when planning your wedding no matter what resources you are using, be sure to ask questions and confirm and re-confirm details, reservations, and deadlines.  There are great tips on what to ask vendors specifically throughout this planner.

Throughout the year, we have other tools you can use as well

  • Our October 7, 2018 and January 20, 2019 GonnaGetWed Bridal Showcases will bring you face to face with vendors and save you hours of time (and possibly fuel) by putting many options in a one-stop-shop so to speak. There are also many discounts and giveaways at these events that will save you lots of money in the long term.
  • You can register for bridal events at; which also has an actual directory of local vendors as well as a blog with wedding planning articles and information.
  • Our monthly GGW newsletter brings you information on local vendors that may help you in your planning.
  • Our GonnaGetWed page on Facebook is a source for information on all of these channels as well as a place to share your thoughts and ideas on wedding planning.

Many hours of careful coordinating went into creating this planner out of recognition and respect for the hours of careful coordinating that will go into planning your dream day!

Best wishes, Kari Black & the GGW Team.

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