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Escapades, LLC
3313 S Western Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57106
Phone: 605.777.9401
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Escapades takes escape games to the next level! The ultimate game where you have 60 minutes to find clues, solve puzzles, and unlock mysteries to escape in time!
All our rooms are 100% original with a focus on constructing puzzles to facilitate team building and get your mind going!

Friends & Family

Escape Rooms are great fun for family get-togethers, meeting your future in-laws, birthday parties, & more.


Bachelor and Bachelorette parties have taken on new meaning in recent years. Couples looking for a fun way to start out the evening and help everyone in their wedding party get to know each other in a fun intimate setting should book our escape room today!

Group and full day rates are available.


Team Building is essential for company growth and job satisfaction. This 60 minute escape room experience will have your team talking, working together, laughing and escaping the ordinary! Our escape rooms are mobile, so we can come to your place of work.

Book your company parties and more. Group & full day rates are available.

Game Enthusiasts

Our patrons book time after time with each new game trailer arriving. Escapades delivers the best escape rooms around and always has a new room in the works.

Darkness - black room with a half open door and a glimmer of light coming in - as a symbol for fear, frustration, depression, hope, courage and for taking a chance. Vector illustration.


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