Do it Yourself Projects – Do’s and Don’ts

DIY Floral Centerpiece Ideas.  Pinned by from has high-quality silk flowers and supplies for your DIY wedding ideas.DIY projects are the perfect way to add your personal touch to your wedding. You won’t have to search Pinterest long before you find some great ideas. Here are some of our do’s and don’ts when thinking about a DIY project.

Do – Hand make some items for use at your wedding to save costs.

Don’t – Hand make some items for use at your wedding to save costs, but then spend more making it yourself. Make a complete list of EVERY possible thing you will need to create the item and exact cost of those supplies.

Do – Create DIY items for your wedding because they will look great and everyone will comment on how unique and special your wedding was.

Don’t – Get in over your head. Not everyone has the ability to do all projects. Even though it is called a “DIY”, some projects still take a rather crafty and artistic person to make them. Your wedding can be unique and special without you stressing about making fabric flowers to pin on the bridesmaids dresses.

Do – Get out a stopwatch and see how long it takes to create one of the many items you want to make.

Don’t – Underestimate the time it takes to make some things by hand. Buy only enough supplies to make a test run of what you want to make. That way, if you have plans on handcrafting 250 favors for your guests and you find making 5 of them took you a week, you will know you need to scratch that idea and come up with another solution.We should also note: Do this test run months before your wedding date.

Do – Create handmade decorations to hang over entrances and over the ceremony space.

Don’t – Be careless about how the decorations are attached. You don’t want them falling on people or falling down during your ceremony!

Do – Get help if you see something you LOVE, but don’t feel comfortable making it yourself!


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