The Pros and Cons of Your Cake Flavor

Wedding cake flavors are no longer limited to the classic vanilla or chocolate. Wanting a cake that tastes like the banana split that you and your fiance shared on your first date? Your cake designer can probably do that. But before you call, you may want to rethink giving your wedding cake a distinguishable flavor. Here are some pros and cons we’ve come up with to help make your decision easier:


  • Your cake will be uniquely yours! If you desire a fun filling, you will certainly be original.
  • Your cake will be memorable to you. How could your coffee-loving self forget about your double espresso cake?


  • Guest satisfaction. If you want your cake to be one that’s talked about, make sure it’s in a favorable light. Many of your guests may find your unconventional flavor unappetizing.
  • Some bakeries charge more for fillings and flavors that aren’t in season or as traditional.

Our Verdict

If you’re wanting your wedding cake to stand out from others or if you must have that banana confection here are some alternatives:

  • Cupcakes- Buy cupcakes in addition to your traditional wedding cake or skip the cake entirely. By providing only cupcakes you are sure that all your guests will get their favorite.
  • If you desire a cake, put your creativity into the design! Design the outside of the cake with all the fun and flair you desire. It’s your wedding cake after all, make an impression!


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