This was an amazing marriage proposal. Click here to watch this marriage proposal. Talk about creativity and effort!

When it comes to the “Proposal” many guys are left stumped. Here are a few tips to help you create your own unique and memorable proposal.

Discuss Your Future
Before you propose, make sure you are confident she will say yes. What could be more humiliating than to hear a no after a massive amount of effort? Make sure it’s something that you both want. If you take her completely off guard, you may not get the answer you are looking for. Instead you may get a hesitating yes, or even “I’ll have to think about it.”

Surprise Her
Even though you have discussed the possibility about getting married, make the marriage proposal itself a surprise. This is where your effort will show. It might be difficult to keep it a surprise, but you will create a memorable proposal.

Prepare and Practice
Saying the words, “Will you marry me?” can be a tongue-tying experience. It might feel silly, but rehearsing your proposal will allow you to stay calm and keep the words rolling off your tongue smoothly. Nothing is worse than losing your thought or stumbling and stammering during your proposal… so PRACTICE!

Ring, Ring, Ring
This ring is a huge deal. Since she will wear it for the rest of her life, you need to make sure it fits her personality and style. Find a way to bring it up in a conversation or playfully joke about it while walking past a ring shop at the mall. Whatever you do, get the right ring!

Get Permission
Getting her parents’ permission is a respect thing. While you are not necessarily “getting permission” you are showing them that you respect them and their daughter by asking them ahead of time.

It is great to find ideas on the Internet or borrow great proposal ideas you have heard about, but always incorporate your own personality and flavor. Include yours and her favorite things, foods etc. into the proposal.

Kneel Down
No matter what, women find it romantic when the man of her dreams gets down on one knee when he asks her to marry him. Even if you’re not a traditional guy, it will add to the memorableness of your proposal.

So, how were you proposed to? We would like to know! Leave your reply !

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