News for 2013 brides!!

Every year the bridal industry brings new and specific wedding trends inspirations. Well, get ready for this top 5 2013 Wedding Trends! We hope you enjoy it and let us know which trend is your favorite!

# 1 – Mint your Love!

The mint color was present on every runway in 2012 and every expert says it will be seen in many weddings in 2013. It is a very refreshing color, very delicate and that can be mixed with many other colors for a beautiful wedding, and the best thing is that it can be incorporated into almost anything in your 2013 wedding – bridesmaid dresses, shoes, jewelry, centerpieces, wedding cake, invitations, decor, flowers…. Anything you ca imagine!

# 2 – Braids and Brides are Back!

If we research just a little bit we can see that in 2013 a lot of brides will be wearing braids again! The good news is that with such a wide variety of them, every bride can find something she will love to wear for her wedding and still be different. So make a mental note for your hairdresser before you go talk about wedding hairstyles and don’t forget trying a beautiful braid!

 # 3 – Laser Cuts Designs and Doilies

The cutout of a design is coming as a wedding trend in 2013 from numerous ideas, home decor ideas, and paper goods. This trend gives a vintage look to your wedding, adds details to different elements, and allows you to have a more stunning look. Another detail that will work for sure is using Doilies for decoration. They are vintage, elegant and not very expensive!

 # 4 – Birch Bark Designs

Add a rustic, refreshing, and unique look to your wedding in 2013. If you have been to a birch bark forest you know what we are talking about! Just like with the Mint trend, birch bark can be incorporated into anything from centerpieces, to dresses, to numerous design elements of the wedding. Use your imagination and make your wedding an unforgettable environment for everyone!

# 5 – Backdrops

Backdrops are gaining popularity in 2013 weddings. They add a nice touch to the decor of the wedding, and can be customized to any size, color, and style. They are used in head tables, gift tables, wedding cake displays, altar, ceremony, photo booth, buffet tables, speaker’s podiums…

Remember to personalize your wedding to your individual style and make it truly YOU! Don’t settle for common and traditional wedding ideas just because everyone else is doing it. It is YOUR wedding day and it should reflect your style, your ideas, and your personality. Why settle for a traditional limo, white wedding cake, or a common wedding dress? Use your imagination and create a truly unique wedding! Have your guests say with a smile “This wedding was truly her, I would never confuse it with anyone else!” ¤






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